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Free yourself from stress, tension and trauma with TRE ® —
7 innovative simple exercises designed by Dr David Berceli.

Trauma Release Exercises (TRE ®) are designed to activate your natural shaking and tremoring reflex to release deep muscular patterns.

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TRE ® to find your well-being

Feel better

Resolve trauma and stress disorders

Overcome fear and panic

Overcome fears and panic

Release chronic pain

Release chronic pain

Improve your sleep

Improve your sleep

Tremble yourself to wellbeing and health
treat and heal yourself!
  • Shaking and trembling are natural reflexes of your body you can use for your (self-) therapy.
  • Shaking is good – feels good – free yourself.
  • With 7 simple physical exercises.

Experience your mind and body liberated, strengthened and calm.

«Shake it off» –
The app for iOS and Android.

  • Knowledge – Background information on TRE® and modern stress theories.
  • How to – Preparations to perform the exercises most useful for you.
  • Exercises – Detailed description of the 7 exercises and additional video instructions.
  • Diary – To record the progress of your exercising.
  • Providers – A list of TRE® providers in different countries.

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Neurogeneric Tremor

This app supports you with 7 simple exercises to induce neurogenic tremor, a self-healing reflex of your body.

This app is also available in German under the name NeuroZittern.

List of TRE excercises

Helps you

Neurogenic tremor activates your self-healing to release tension and anxiety and to find inner peace and power.

You can learn easy and fast the 7 TRE® exercises. Thanks to a diary you can daily enjoy your progress.


Background information about TRE:

  • What is TRE® and neurogenic tremor?
  • Who developed the TRE® exercises?
  • How does neurogenic tremor work?
  • How can I start trembling myself?

How it works

Preparations for doing the exercises most useful for you.

Trauma Release Excercises

Detailed description of the 7 exercises and additionally a video tutorial.

TRE exercicse number 1


The diary helps to reflect what you have experienced and to discover new relations between familiar and previously unfamiliar body perceptions. Your diary is store locally on your device.


List of TRE® providers by country.

Reviews of the 7 Trauma Release Exercises by Dr David Berceli

We would like to thank the users of the app for their reviews.

The good thing about the app is that the seven exercises can be accessed individually, because a whole hour of exercise is a lot. Younger clients who have a smartphone anyway can install the app for home use.

I encourage that, and 3 Euro is really not too much. It also doesn't bother that in the smartphone the pictures are small, because the essential instruction is in the language. Here I would like to express my gratitude for the quality of your instructions, which make it clear what is so particularly important for traumatised people: that they don't have to get through anything or keep up an imposed effort by hook or by crook, that they are allowed to follow their desire at any time and even finish an exercise.

You have put TRE in exceptionally good shape with your book [available in German] and the perfect videos.
Ulrike Kellner-Goodwin
Praxis Kellner-Goodwin, Deutschland
I have been waiting with joy for the TRE app because I would like to recommend it to my patients to buy, so that they can also do the exercises at home.

Now I have just downloaded the app and find it useful. The price of 3 Euro is also acceptable and makes it easier to distribute.
Ute Pelzer-Gabriel
uP Training Beratung Coaching, Deutschland

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