Neurogenic Tremor

A self-healing reflex

Neurogenic tremor releases tensions your body build up reacting on strong inner feeling or overwhelming experiences.

“Neurogenic” signifies an innate physical reaction of your body, you can’t consciously evoke or direct. You become more calm and serene. Neurogenic tremoring makes you more resilient against stress and makes pain slowsly fading away. Traditional healing rituals use this self-healing tremor for thousands of years.

How TRE® can help you?

Neurogenic tremor releases the tension your body built-up in response to strong inner feelings and external influences. It brings you back to inner peace and serenity. It improves your ability to cope with stress, activates the self-healing and also gradually reduces pains.

TRE® are 7 exercises, easy to learn to slowly improve all kinds of health complaints. Most users feel already better after 2 or 3 trials. To make these effects sustainable you need to do the exercises several weeks to months. Most exercises can be done while sitting. Therefore they can be done in spite of physical impairments.

For what kind of health complaints are TRE® helpful?

TRE® can help you with all kinds of physical and mental impairments – particularly your body perception improves, so you simply feel better. In most people, sleep improves first. Later nausea, stomach pain and digestion disorders improve, also vertigo and heart complaints.

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