Frequently Asked Questions

What is «neurogenic tremor»?

The word «neurogenic» means that it is a physical reaction that cannot be consciously induced or controlled. Neurogenic tremor is a self-healing reflex. It releases the tension that the body builds up when there are strong inner feelings and external influences. It brings you back to inner peace and serenity.

How can I get listed as a TRE® provider?

Just send an e-mail to requesting to be added to the provider list.

How does TRE® help?

The neurogenic tremor improves your ability to cope with stress and also gradually makes pain fading away. It can be headaches and migraine, but also neck stiffness, shoulder and back pain.

The TRE® exercises have a particularly impressive effect on fibromyalgia, a pain condition that scares both sufferers and therapists, because pain repeatedly occurs in other parts of the body and is resistant to therapy.

Meanwhile, there is further scientific evidence for helping patients with MS Multiple Sclerosis.

On which platforms is the app available?

The ShakeItOff (English) & NeuroZittern (German) app is available for IoS and Android and works on mobile phones as well as with Pads.

How fast does TRE® work?

The first noticeable effect, sometimes after just one or two sessions, is improved sleep: especially sleeping disorders disappear in a flash, so you wake up rested in the morning, and looking forward to the new day with confidence.

Indirectly, this also improves your relationships with others: because you are rested and relaxed, you have more patience with others, don’t feel immediately questioned or criticised, but listen carefully, and respond sensitively to your counterpart – this doesn’t mean that you have to fulfill these expectations, but return inappropriate expectations.

How much does the app cost?

The app costs CHF 3 which corresponds to about € 3 or USD 3.

Where can I learn more about TRE®?

In the app you will already find many hints and tips to enhance the effect of the TRE exercises. Even more helpful hints and tips can be found on the website of our app

Do you have further questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have